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Any New Yorkers around here ?POST
Yes, pretty much.

Also in Manhattan, make sure to check out Chinatown (right next to the L.E.S.). Still gritty as ever! And the West Village still has some cool vinyl and shops.
Pete @ Le HavrePOST
Which is why we love him so!
Pete @ Le HavrePOST
He's been to rehab in Thailand and turned it into a holiday. That boy is on his own level of not giving a fuck.
Pete @ Le HavrePOST
i hope he's in rehab!
shirt dance!POST
Pete @ Le HavrePOST
I'll be there and I'll spend shitloads on transport to this shithole so he better shows up.. :cool: Lucky girl :smt023 I checked the trains but it's really hard to get there from Belgium (and pretty expensive too haha) well we'll take the TGV from Switzerland to Paris and then another train to Le H...
Pete @ Le HavrePOST
i found a pic with peter in thailand. hope he will show up in le havre.
Any New Yorkers around here ?POST
So apparently the cool places in Manhattan are in East Village/L.E.S. right ?
Recent Peter interviewPOST
It´s actually not that recent, probably shortly before the whole reunion business kicked off.Not sure if this has been posted here before but it´s quite a nice interview- well worth a read... :cat: (Ignore the shitty source though)
Libertines in BrusselsPOST
Ladies, don´t you think it´s a tiny bit rude to talk in french on what is supposed to be an international forum, just sayin... :;): but then I s'pose it's a bit much to ask everyone to speak english if it's an international forum.... :;): we're just lucky them on the continent are very accomodating...
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Any New Yorkers around here ?
Pete @ Le Havre
shirt dance!
Recent Peter interview
Libertines in Brussels
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